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Departmental Business Management Guide - Travel




Travel Services is responsible for the accurate and timely auditing and processing of University travel expenses incurred by authorized individuals. Close cooperation between University departments and Travel Services is essential to ensure compliance with University policy and State travel laws.


University Guidelines

Travel expenses may include advances, lodging, meals, transportation, and incidental charges.

All travel requires an approved Travel Authorization (T-Auth) entered in OMNI. The T-Auth must include the purpose of the trip, specific names of events to be attended, and a clear statement of how the trip will benefit the University.

Authorized university travelers include both full-time and part-time University employees, University consultants/advisors, candidates for University executive or professional positions, and University students traveling for authorized athletic competition or as a representative of the Student Government Association. However, prospective University students, including those students conducting research related to class assignments, are not considered authorized University travelers.


Internal Controls

  • Ensure Travel Authorizations are pre-approved by the Departmental Travel Approver and the Project Manager (if applicable).
  • Ensure requests for travel reimbursements and related expenses are appropriate and include receipts and supporting documentation.
  • Ensure travel reimbursements are controlled in such a manner as to prevent duplicate payment.


Departmental Responsibilities

  • Ensure employees responsible for travel are familiar with the appropriate University policies and procedures.
  • Ensure staff originating travel either for themselves or for departmental employees have been trained in using the OMNI Travel and Expense module.
  • Encourage employees to use the most economical means of travel available.
  • Ensure travel requests serve a University purpose.
  • Ensure travel advances are used for appropriate travel expenses and are submitted for pre-pay approval at least 5 days prior to trip start date.
  • Ensure travel expense reports are submitted for approval within 10 business days of return of trip.
  • Ensure valid Travel Card charges are put on expense reports within four business days of notification of charges in OMNI -My Wallet.
  • Notify the Travel Services immediately of any disputed Travel Card charges.
  • Compare Travel Authorizations to the traveler’s budget balance to ensure the traveler is within their budget limits.
  • Ensure travel advances, reimbursement and related expenses are submitted and approved through the Travel and Expense module in OMNI.




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