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Controller's Office / News / General Ledger Training Classes

General Ledger Training Classes

The Controller’s Office is pleased to announce three recently updated General Ledger training classes being offered this spring:

  • BTFA01 Introduction to University Accounting targets users who are new to FSU and/or OMNI Financials.  Participants in this class will gain an understanding of OMNI Financials and concepts such as Ledgers, Chartfields and Journal Entries.  Enrollees will also learn about the wide array of online resources available to FSU employees.
  • BTFA02 Financial Reporting Tools provides guidance on the University’s various financial reporting tools.  Attendees will be instructed on how to obtain and understand financial data from reports produced out of OMNI, OBI and via queries.
  • BTFA03 General Ledger Reconciliation is designed for those responsible for reconciling or reviewing departmental ledgers.  Reconciliation objectives,guidelines and a detailed walk through of the reconciliation process will be covered. Guidance on the reconciliation process will include a review of the use of OMNI and OBI reports, instructions on how to locate the most common source documents and a review of how to correct errors.

If you or your staff are new to the University, if you have questions or issues related to the information covered in these classes or if you would just like to brush up oncertain topics, you are highly encouraged to sign up for one or more of these offerings. 

Please see the Spring 2012 Schedule of Classes for more information.