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Financial Aid Holds & Deferments

Financial Aid Holds

Student Business Services will contact your FSU email account if there is a hold on your financial aid. If you do not resolve this hold within the time specified we are required to return any loan funds to the lender.

Financial Aid Deferments

A Financial Aid Deferment is a method of extending the tuition payment deadline until the financial aid arrives or the deferment expires. State of Florida rules allow the deferral of tuition fees for students receiving financial aid when the aid is delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of the student. The failure to make timely application for the aid is an insufficient reason to receive a deferral of fees. In order to receive a deferment, you must have submitted all required documents prior to the beginning of the semester.

Financial aid deferments are processed by the Office of Financial Aid. Financial aid students who are not eligible to receive the deferment must pay in full by the posted deadline. You should check the status of your financial aid regularly and that you complete any "To Do List" items through your Student Central web page.  Students must pay their tuition by the deferment deadline or risk receiving a late payment fee and being dropped from classes. All Financial Aid Deferments expire according to the posted deadline, and there is no further extension available.