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Medical School

2011-2012 Tuition Rates

All tuition and fee rates are based on a student that is taking courses with no additional costs (e.g. lab fees, program fees, etc.). These rates should not be taken as exact tuition rates for all students as each student's schedule can vary in a number of ways. These fee rate tables are for estimation purposes only.

For information on state statutory references for fee categories, please see the Online Sunshine Florida State Statutes, Title XLVIII, Chapter 1009, Section 24.

Medical School; In-State and Out-of-State Residencies

Fee Category In-State Residency Out-of-State Residency
Tuition (Assessed on a Per Annum Basis) $21,293.18 $55,844.37
Plus Medical Facility & Equipment Fee (First Years Only) $500.00 $500.00

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Important Information about Fee Waivers

During the July 2010 University Board of Trustees meeting it was determined that requests to waive the following fees will be denied; Transportation Access, Student Facilities Use Fee, Technology Fee, and Student Security Support Fee, except as required by Florida Statute or Board of Governors Regulation, or Florida State University Regulation. To read the full memo as presented to the Board of Trustees, please click on the attached Adobe PDF memo below.