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Direct Deposit


Direct Deposit

Enroll in direct deposit through your account and we will send your refund to any domestic bank! Any student might qualify for a refund, so tell us where to send your money


You might earn a refund if:

  • you receive financial aid in excess of your FSU bill, or
  • you overpay for classes, or
  • you receive a credit for a fee you already paid (e.g. successfully appealing a citation)


Need Enrollment Help?


Step 1: Log into your account & access the “account services” section of your bill

  1. Pull up your Student Center

    Enroll Direct Deposit Step One

  2. Click Account Inquiry to load your bill 

  1. Click the “Account Services” tab



Step 2: Complete “disbursement permissions” to allow your federal financial aid to pay your myFSU bill

  1. Click the “Grant Permissions” button

Note: If you see a TITLE IV permission form and the link “Display Student Agreement” instead of “Grant Permissions,” you already completed this step

  1. Follow the acknowledgement prompts to complete this step
  2. Click the “refund bank account” tab to move to Step 3

Federal Financial Aid will always pay towards your tuition and room and board charges, but we need your permission to apply any leftover federal financial aid (like Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and Perkins Loans) to other charges on your myFSU bill. Please note that if you do not grant this permission, you might receive a refund when you still owe charges to the University. State and University financial aid, like Bright Futures and FSU Grants, will be applied towards any charges owed to the University at disbursement.

Good news, you only need to grant disbursement permissions once, though you can update your bank account information as often as you like (Steps 3 & 4 below). When financial aid disburses at the start of term, Student Business Services will automatically apply your disbursement to your account balance and then refund the difference to you.

Please note that disbursement permissions cannot be revoked electronically. Contact Student Business Services with any questions at 850-644-9452 or


Step 3: Enter your “refund bank account” information

Refund Bank Account

Be sure you are on the “refund bank account" tab

  1. Click “Add Account”
  2. Enter your bank account information


Hint: Click the “View Sample Check” button for help finding your account and routing numbers.  


  1. Click “Next” to save your bank information
  2. Click “Enroll/Modify Direct Deposit” to move to Step 4

Refunds will only be sent to one bank account and cannot be split between accounts. You can, however, update your bank information at any time. Historic refund bank account information will be encrypted and retained to protect your privacy and to maintain complete University records.


Step 4: Enroll in "Direct Deposit” to confirm your refund bank account number.

Clicking the “Enroll in/Modify Direct Deposit” button, takes you to this tab:


Once you are on the "direct deposit" tab

  1. Click the “Enroll in/Modify Direct Deposit” button
  2. Click “Proceed to Enroll in/Modify Direct Deposit” button
  3. Select your new refund bank account from the drop-down menu and click “Next”
  4. Review direct deposit rules, check the “consent” box to agree to the terms and then “Submit”


Update your bank account information right away! Updates prior to 10am will take effect the same day. Updates completed after 10am will not take effect until the next day. That means that if you complete these steps prior to 10am on the day a credit posts to your myFSU account statement, we will send the refund to your updated account. Otherwise, we will use your previous refund method.


FSU maintains a special relationship with our campus SunTrust bank and SunTrust will play a role in facilitating transfers to other banking institutions. If you request your refund to a SunTrust account, your funds will be available the next business day after we issue your refund. As deposit processes vary by bank, it might take an additional 2-4 business days for other banks to process and post your refund.

Banking Agreement

The Florida State University shares the Department of Education’s objectives of transparency and accountability concerning the disclosure of financial account provider contracts for student banking partnerships. Beginning July 1, 2016, the University will publish the full contract with SunTrust bank, our partner in student banking, for review.

The link below will be published year round and will be updated annually. Any questions or concerns about terms of the contract should be referred to the Office of Business Services at (850) 644-3279 or

FSU/SunTrust Banking Agreement: Banking Agreement Documentation