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Student Business

Frequently Asked Questions - Student Business

When is tuition due?

Why don’t I receive a bill in the mail?

I have Financial Aid but I owe tuition, do I need a deferment?

How can I pay for my tuition?

Do you offer a payment plan for tuition?

I have the Bright Futures Scholarship and want to pay my fees early. What do I owe?

I want to have a fee waived, what should I do?

I want to send/receive money to/from FSU via wire transfer, what should I do?

Why can't I see my fall tuition charges? When will charges be posted?

I am relying on other means to pay a portion of my bill. How do I pay a partial amount?

What do I do if I can't log on to check my financial status or make payments?

How do I submit my payment if I am getting a processing error message?

Where can I view what I currently owe?

Where can I see due dates for my charges?

How do I make an online payment?

How do I make an online payment with an FSUCard?

Where/when will I see my Florida Prepaid/Third Party Billing on my account?

Can I still give third-party access to an individual to allow them to pay my tuition, i.e. parents, spouses, siblings, etc. ?

Does your office handle financial aid?

I was offered one amount for Bright Futures, but I received less. Where is my extra money??

I was supposed to receive financial aid, but it is not on my account. Where is my financial aid?

What does disbursement mean?

When will I get my refund?

What is early disbursement?

Will I get all of my Financial Aid early?

How do I make sure I get my financial aid as quickly as possible?

What’s the fastest way to get my refund?

What if i want to change my Schedule during Drop/Add?

What if I want to cancel all of my Enrollment?

What about my Florida Prepaid?

If my Tuition is paid by my Department, how will that work?

I’m on a Sponsored Billing, how does that work?

What happens if all of my charges aren’t on file before Disbursement?

What is a Financial Aid Deferment?

How do I get a financial aid deferment?

How do I know if my financial aid has been disbursed?

My donor requires financial aid verification, what do I do?

My donor requires proof of enrollment. Where can I locate that documentation?

I received an email that my private scholarship is on hold due to insufficient hours. How do I have the hold removed?

My donor requires the University to send them an invoice. What do I do?

Am I required to report the private scholarships I have received and deposited into my personal account?

The University has received a private scholarship for my benefit. However, I have decided not to attend. How do I have the funds sent to my new college?

I received a private scholarship for the fall term. My housing bill is due now. How do I use my private scholarship to pay for my housing?

How do I use my private scholarship to pay for my tuition?

Why hasn’t my private scholarship disbursed?

Where do I have my donor send a check for a private scholarship?

How are Parent PLUS Loans disbursed?

What charges will a Parent PLUS Loan cover?

How do I cancel a loan before Disbursement?

How do I cancel a loan within 30 days of Disbursement?

How do I cancel a loan 30 days after Disbursement?

What types of federal student loans are available, how much should I borrow, what are the differences between private and federal loans, what are the consequences of going into default, and are there any other tips on how to manage my debt?

Where do I bring my Florida Prepaid card?

Why doesn't my Florida Prepaid pay all of my tuition?

I have Florida Prepaid, how do I just pay the part that I owe?

How can I tell if I have Florida Prepaid with local fees?

I don't want Florida Prepaid to pay this semester. What should I do?

I don't want Florida Prepaid to pay ever again. What do I do?

I have both Florida Prepaid and Bright Futures. How does that work?

What is the 1098-T Form?

Important Information about Delegate Access for the 2015 1098-T

How to Grant Consent to Receive an Electronic 1098-T

What if the amounts on my 1098-T are not correct?

I can't find my 1098-T. How do I get a reprint?

Am I eligible to receive tax credits and does this form validate the taxability of my financial aid?

Why am I seeing a red "Permission Needed" warning box in self service?

What happens if I am delinquent on amounts owed to the university?

How long do I have to pay my charges before they are sent to collections?

How do I know if I have a hold?

What is a transportation access fee?

When can I pick up my parking permit and how much are they?

What is the difference between FSUCash and a linked Suntrust Account?

Where can I use my FSUCard to pay for tuition and university fees?

If I use my FSUCard online will I still be assessed a convenience charge?

What is FSU’s policy for Unpaid Tuition?

Is there an appeal process for the cancellation of my schedule?

Under what conditions can I withdraw from the university and receive a full refund of tuition fees?

Under what conditions can I withdraw from the university and receive a 25% refund of tuition fees?

Under what conditions can I withdraw from the university and not receive any refund of tuition fees?

If I receive federal aid and I withdraw, what happens to the federal aid?