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Delegated Access

What Is Online Third Party or Parental Access?

From a legal perspective the student, not the family member(s), is the university's client and is responsible for his or her own debts. The university therefore is legally obligated to provide each student with the means to create his or her own personalized user name and password and to deny access to confidential information by anyone without a valid user name and password.

However, we know that family members want access to see the student’s account, and what is owed and charges paid at FSU. We provide a method for family members (or other designated third parties) to receive their own user ID and password to access a student’s account. Each student may choose whether to provide this access.

Although the university generally encourages sharing this information with family members for reasons of convenience and expedience, the decision to do so rests with the student and not with the University.

Visit the Student Center to initialize, or modify Delegate Access

Subject to review by Student Business.

Bookstore Deferment

What is Bookstore Deferment?
Student Business Services has partnered with Follett and the FSU Bookstore to provide a seamless and integrated means to purchase your textbooks and supplies before your financial aid has disbursed. Each semester, Student Business Services will send a list of eligible students to the FSU Bookstore. Students will receive an email from the FSU Bookstore with instructions for purchasing textbooks and supplies on financial aid credit. Once a student has purchased books and supplies using their credit, the total charge of the transaction will be sent to the MyFSU Student Account, where financial aid will pay the charge once it has disbursed.

How do I know if I am eligible for Bookstore Deferment?
Students will receive an email from the FSU Bookstore when their eligibility has been confirmed. In general, student eligibility is limited to students who:

  1. Are enrolled in at least six (6) hours of coursework for the semester
  2. Have been awarded financial aid
  3. Have excess financial aid available when the sum of their aid is less than the sum of their current charges; resulting in a credit balance


What happens if my aid disburses, but does not pay off all of my Bookstore charges?
Students will be responsible for any unpaid Bookstore charges on their accounts after financial aid has disbursed. These charges will remain on the student account and can be paid in person or online. Bookstore charges will prevent registration, receipt of transcripts and diplomas.