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Concur User Essentials

As a part of FSU’s strategy to increase efficiency for travelers, improve transparency, and streamline the expense reimbursement process - we replaced our OMNI-based travel and expense system with Concur.

Concur is the industry standard Travel and Expense cloud software solution (system) that makes booking and expensing travel and travel card transactions faster and easier.

For our employees, the service will provide opportunities to:

  • Reduce time spent making travel reservations
  • Utilize mobile apps for receipt scan, approvals, and other functionality
  • Streamline the expense process
  • Provide pre-populated expense reports (when travel is booked through Concur)

At FSU, Concur will allow us to:

  • Improve travel and expense policy compliance
  • Gain transparency to travel and expense spending
  • Create an improved travel and expense experience for our employees
  • Reduce the need to collect, manage, and store paper receipts

Concur User Essentials Guide - provides step by step guidance for accessing Concur, updating your Concur profile, establishing traveler and approver delegates, creating a Travel Request/ booking a trip/ creating an Expense Report, and using the Concur Mobile applications. See our guide under the related resources below.

First time logging in, or a new user? You must update your profile settings. See our resources below

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Updated - 01/11/19