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University Document Management

The University has replaced its Hummingbird DM document management system with a system named NOLIJ (pronounced “knowledge”).  This system will be called Document Management or DM. 

DM fully integrates with OMNI for purchase orders, change orders, vendor invoices and travel receipts.  Details on navigating to these documents in OMNI Financials follows.

  • Purchase Orders (POs) can be viewed at any of the following locations:
    • Purchasing > Review PO Information > Purchase Orders
    • Purchasing > Review PO Information > Activity Summary
    • Accounts Payable > FSU AP Custom > FSU Document Management (only if there is an invoice in Document Management for that Purchase Order)
    • NOTE: Currently, you cannot search for a Purchase Order by Dept ID in OMNI.  Below are queries you can use to look up POs by Dept ID.  You can then use the above navigations to access copies of the POs.
      • FSU_PO_BY_DEPTID_DATE - POs in all statuses for a particular department
      • FSU_DPT_PO_WITH_RECVRS_VCHRS - PO information by chartfield combination
  • Encumbered Invoices (whether paid encumbered or unencumbered and once scanned) are viewable at:
    • Accounts Payable > FSU AP Custom > FSU Document Mangement
    • Accounts Payable > Vouchers > Add/Update > Regular Entry (only if the correct voucher number is identified for the invoice on the Completed stamp)
  • Unencumbered Invoices, once scanned, are viewable at Accounts Payable > Vouchers > Add/Update > Regular Entry.
  • Travel Receipts are viewable at the Travel and Expense Center
     and at each level of approval in OMNI.

For general document viewing instructions, click here.

Specific training on how to access P-Card Reconciliations in NOLIJ is available at the OMNI Training site.