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PCard Compliance




Dates & Deadlines


Payment of P-Card Charge

  • Proxies authorize payment of P-Card charge receipts weekly
  • P-Card charges are received by the university each Tuesday
  • Charges should be approved no later than the next Monday at noon
  • If a charge is fraudulent or needs to be formally disputed, fill out a dispute form as soon as possible- must be within 60 days of the charge post date
  • Source documents and statements must be must be retained for a period of five (5) years after the year in which the purchase was made, unless the funding source dictates a longer period

More detailed information about the above deadlines can be found in Procurement Services' P-Card Manual. 

Other Deadlines

Coming Soon.




Reconciliation of Charge Receipts

  • Reconciliation between the cardholders charge receipts and what is reported as being charged by Bank of America must be prepared monthly.

  • The Proxy must prepare the monthly reconciliation.  The cardholder, proxy and the cardholder’s supervisor or Dean/Director/Department Head (DDDH), or their designee, must sign the monthly reconciliation attesting that all charges are valid and initiated by the cardholder.  Anyone deemed the DDDH designee must be listed on the FSU Authorized Signature List.  No individual may sign more than one line on the reconciliation (as either a Proxy, Cardholder, Supervisor/DDDH, or Budget Manager).   Three unique signatures are required.

  • Reconciliations are prepared with reports generated by the electronic P-Card system currently in use.  The P-Card Payers will email this file on a monthly basis and post it on Blackboard for departmental access.

  • P-Card Payers and department managers are responsible for ensuring each cardholder account is reviewed and approved monthly.

  • The Proxy is responsible for maintaining the system prescribed for receipt retention and reconciliation.

  • Internal controls call for periodic internal audits of the program. Audits may take place without prior notice to the department.


P-Card Monthly Reconciliation Packet Scanning Policy

P-Card cardholders are responsible for submitting the Monthly Reconciliation Packet for each cardholder via email to ( The Packet should include the signed Monthly Reconciliation Form and the corresponding Receipts/Invoices and other required and/or relevant documentation.   The information received in the packet provides essential data needed to audit and monitor transactions by cardholders.

  • The proxies will receive an e-mail notice from the FSU P-Card Listserv when monthly reconciliation forms are available on the P-Card Information Blackboard website.

  • P-Card documents must be legible and clear in preparation for emailing and in the same order as the charges on the reconciliation.

  • P-Card credit card numbers on any receipt or supporting documents must be blacked out except for the last four digits. Personal information, such as birthdays, and other confidential information must also be blacked out. 

  • Key information should not be highlighted or taped over because it will disappear.

  • Prompt emailing of the reconciliation packets is essential. Reports are generally due within 60 days of the month being reconciled. Delays in sending the reconciliation packet may be cause for P-Card suspension.  In addition, related Travel Cards may also be suspended.

  • Proxies must review the Pending report on the P-Card Blackboard site each month to determine if any packets are missing or incomplete. Outstanding reconciliation packets must be re-sent as soon as possible.

  • Cardholders with no monthly activity will not appear on the reconciliation form, and reporting requirements are waived in these cases.


More information about P-Card reconciliations can be found in the P-Card Manual.





Procurement Services

Contacts for training, application review, processing, setup, payment processing, audits, and the help desk for lost and stolen cards.

P-Card Program Contacts


Accounts Payable

Contacts for questions about compliance and for questions regarding the use of P-Cards for payment.