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Controller's Office

Surplus Property

We are excited to announce that Surplus has moved to Facilities!

FSU Surplus Property has offered several crucial services to the University and the public as a waste management strategy. Through the combined efforts of Surplus Property and Solid Waste and Recycling, we can continue to increase surplus programming and improve waste management on campus and simplify dispositions for campus departments.

We are refocusing our efforts on providing enhanced customer service to FSU and the public, all with the intent to increase the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of these processes at FSU.  By providing one consistent, simple disposition mechanism, this merger will greatly reduce the number of steps by which departments dispose of property.

For now, it’s business as usual as we work behind the scenes to develop the new process but please watch this space for new updates and go-live dates!

FSU Surplus Property offers several services to the University and the public.  For the University, we offer asset transfers to and from each department, and also transfers between departments.  For the public, we offer online auctions of select items.  All items submitted to Surplus Property are held for a period of at least five business days and made available to FSU departments before they are put up for auction.  For additional information, please see the Property FAQ.




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