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Foundation to OMNI Integration


As announced in a Financial Representative listserv in early November, there is a project currently underway to integrate FSU Foundation (FSUF) payments for University departmental expenses into OMNI and to enhance the University’s departmental and managerial reporting for these departmental Foundation funds.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Based on the feedback that has been received since this communication went out, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Click here (last revised 2/27/2018) to review these FAQs .

Please note that one of the overall goals of this project is for Foundation funds to be expended and reported as similarly as possible to other existing University funds.

Foundation Departmental Fund OMNI Department IDs

The Foundation Fund to OMNI Department file lists all funds that will be included in the initial load into OMNI and Hyperion, and has been updated to reflect all feedback received on or before March 2, 2018. For each of these funds you will see the following information:

  • The corresponding OMNI Project ID
  • The new OMNI Department the FSUF fund will be tied to in OMNI
  • The approvers that will initially be associated with that new Department ID
  • The Hyperion Budget Preparer for each Department ID

Please note that you will be required to enter your OMNI username and password to access the file and that it may be necessary to add ‘’ to the end of your username when logging in.

Please contact Judd Enfinger ( / 645-2436) with any questions about this project.