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Controller's Office

Foundation to OMNI Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is in scope for this project?

2: What is out of scope for this project?

3: What OMNI Chartfields will be used to record the Foundation funds?

4: After go-live of this project, will I be able to use Foundation funds to reimburse for business meals and to make all other expenditures for which I use these funds today?

5: How will workflow be configured?

6: Can we add additional levels of approval for Foundation Fund transactions?

7: How will we change approvers on the new Foundation departments?

8: Will existing OMNI Fund 547 continue to be utilized after go-live of this project? (UPDATED)

8a: What happens to the cash that was encumbered at the Foundation for use on fund 547 projects?

9: Will I have to budget for these funds?

10: Will the processing of Foundation-funded scholarships change?

11: Will we be required to issue a Purchase Order for purchases and/or a Travel Authorization for travel reimbursements from Foundation funds? (UPDATED)

12: If we pay a vendor that is not established in OMNI with Foundation funds, will they need to be setup in OMNI before they can be paid after 6/30/18? (UPDATED)

13: Will the Foundation still provide some FSU employees a PCard?

14: Will FSU PCards be able to be used to spend Foundation funds?

15: Will the Foundation still provide petty cash?

16: How will this new process affect the quarterly spending distributions that we receive on our endowed funds held by the Foundation?

17: Will I be able to see Foundation fund balances on existing reports and/or queries?

18: Who will initiate the set-up of new projects/funds and how will we know when they are “ready” in OMNI?

19: How will transfers between Foundation funds be processed?

20: What payment terms will be used for invoices paid from Foundation funds?

21: Can I split fund purchases and travel between Foundation funds and other university funds?