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Student Business

Departmental Resources

A list of resources for Departments. For more information please contact Student Business Services.

Organization Information

List of Organizational Contacts for Student Business.

Merchant Services

The Controller's office Merchant Services group provides day to day operational support to on-campus departments with active merchant accounts (Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards).  Other services provided include coordinating new merchant accounts and ensuring all merchants are in compliance with applicable policies, procedures and standards as required by the University and the Payment Card Industry (PCI).


All forms may be faxed to our office at: (850) 644-5142, or returned in person at the cashiers office. Please fill out to completion and return as soon as possible. Be mindful of the university calendar, and important dates.

Security Roles

Student Business has designed several security roles to assist departmental users in the management of student and corporate accounts. Please visit this page for more info.

Job Aids

Training and Job-Aids related to Student Business day-to-day actions.

Departmental Deposits

Procedures and information detailing Departmental Deposits, and how to properly complete one.