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Controller's Office / Business Forms

Business Forms

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Form Name Form #
General Accounting Forms
Departmental Online Journal Entry Form with Instructions DOL
-- Departmental Online Journal Entry Form Only ---
Departmental Online Journal Entry Form Addendum DOLa
Interdepartmental Requisition and Journal Entry with Instructions GA-01
--Interdepartmental Requisition and Journal Entry Form Only ---
Ledger Reconciliation Certification Form GA-02
Ledger Reconciliation Correction Record GA-03
Optional Chartfield Request Form GA-04
Property Services Forms
Instructions for Creating a Digital Signature  
Accountability Release Form AR 212
   Accountability Release Form Addendum AR 212a
Attractive Item Additions PA 02
Equipment Use Request ER 244
Inventory Completion Certification IC 852
   Inventory Completion Certification Addendum IC 852a
Inventory Shortage Report (maintained by FSU PD)  
Property Change Form PC 213
   Property Change Form Addendum PC 213a
Property Management Role Designation PA 03
Request for Duplicate Tag PA 01
Form Name Form #
Year-End Cash on Hand FR-01
Year-End Accounts Receivable FR-02
Year-End Inventory Purchased for Resale FR-03
Year-End Capital Improvements FR-04
Year-End Library Expenditures FR-05
Form Name Form #
Allowable Unencumbered Disbursements ---
Certification of Payment with Public Funds PA-3
Departmental Refund Request DR-01
Employee Advance Request FA 252
ePRF Approver Authorization Form ePRF-01
Payment Request PA-4
Payment Request - Foreign Vendor PA-10
Reimbursement Justification Form PA-6
University Membership Justification PA-2
Vendor Direct Deposit PA-1
Vendor Authentication/Profile VA-2
Vendor Authentication - Non-Duty Stipends, Fellowships, Research Participants VA-2a
Form Name Form #
Club Usage Log PR-04
Direct Deposit Authorization PR-06
Guest Travel PR-02
Paycheck Pickup Authorization PR-03
Retroactive Distribution of Funding with Instructions PR-01
--Retroactive Distribution of Funding Form Only
Taxable Fringe Benefits PR-07
Form Name Form #
Cashiering Forms
Revenue Deposit Form (Cash/Check) with Instructions DT118
-- Revenue Deposit Form Only (Cash/Check)
Revenue Deposit Form (ACH / Wire / Credit Cards) with Instructions DT118A
-- Revenue Deposit Form Only (ACH / Wire / Credit Cards)
Department Expense Refund Form with Instructions DT118B
-- Department Expense Refund Form Only
Notice of Expected Electronic Transmission (single) with Instructions ET3031
-- Notice of Expected Electronic Transmission (single) Form Only
Notice of Expected Electronic Transmission (multiple) with Instructions ET3031A
-- Notice of Expected Electronic Transmission (multiple) Form Only
Departmental Refund Form DR-01
Student Business Data Screen Access Request Form with Instructions SB-01
-- Student Business Data Screen Access Request Form Only
Departmental Billing Form for Student Fee Pay Authorization with Instructions SB-04
-- Departmental Billing Form for Student Fee Pay Authorization Only
OMNI Correction Form with Instructions SB-05
-- OMNI Correction Form Only
Stop Payment Request Form with Instructions SB-07
-- Stop Payment Request Form Only
Accounts Receivable Forms
Accounts Receivable Charge Form with Instructions SB-02
-- Accounts Receivable Charge Form Only
AR Charge Adjustment Form with Instructions SB-03
-- AR Charge Adjustment Form Only
Payment Card Forms
Application for Payment Card Merchants CR-01
Payment Card Cost Worksheet CR-02
Merchant Employee Change Form CR-03
Discontinuance of Merchant Services CR-04
Merchant Questionnaire CR-05
Form Name Form #
Certificate of Exemption from Florida Sales Tax FY2014-2019 ---
Certificate of Exemption from Florida Sales Tax FY2009-2014 ---
Certificate of Exemption from Florida Sales Tax FY2004-2009 ---
Tax-Exempt Determination Letter ---
Taxpayer ID Number Letter of Confirmation ---
W-9 Taxpayer ID Number and Certification ---
Form Name Form #
Contract Air Carrier Use Worksheet TRV-02
Department Documentation -  Less than Entitled to ---
Group Travel Roster TRV-01
Non-Employee Traveler Profile TRV-03
Role & Security Information - Approvers TRV-05
Travel Exceeding 30 Days TRV-04
Mileage Log ---
Reimbursement Justification Form PA-6
Travel Card Forms
Travel Card Application Form TCD-01
Travel Card Termination Form TC-3
Travel Card Dispute Form ---
Form Name Form #
Cash Collection Point Application TM-01
Unrelated Business Income Survey TM-02
Cash Management Employee Policy & Procedure Acknowledgement TM-03