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12/13/17 - Concur is Coming: Concur is the cloud based travel and expense management system that FSU has selected to replace OMNI. FSU is partnering with World Travel Services, Inc (WTS) for travel agency and booking services.  Booking with WTS will streamline the expense reporting process by importing travel itineraries directly into Concur.

Concur will change some aspects of how the university travels including but not limited to:

  • In order to comply with Florida Statute 112.061 (3)(a), the traveler’s supervisor shall approve all travel requests.
  • All travel shall require a Travel Authorization Request.
  • Budget managers or their delegates (referred to in Concur as “Cost Object Approvers”) shall approve on Travel Authorization Requests and Expense Reports.
  • For foreign travel, Concur converts currency and meal rates to the appropriate amount.
  • Foreign meals shall be determined by “where the traveler lays their head at night”, rather than “wheels up/wheels down”.
  • Before Concur go-live, all existing travel reps will be imported from OMNI. After go-live, adding or replacing a delegate (travel rep) is the traveler’s responsibility. Large changes (10 or more travelers who share the same travel rep) can be made through the FSU-Concur system administrator upon request.

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