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Auxiliary AR / Billing - Announcement

The University is pleased to announce that the second phase of the new solution for Auxiliary Accounts Receivable and Billing is rolling out for Information Technology Services lines of business on January 3, 2017.   

Financial Representatives were notified via a FINREP listserv on December 2nd, 2016.

How does this impact me?

If your department utilizes and/or pays for the below services provided Information Technology Services, fully approved Purchase Orders must be in place before services can be provided beginning January 3, 2017.

  • Professional IT Services
  • File Storage/Virtual Computing
  • Local Services – Phone & Cable
  • Campus Access & Security Services (CASS)
  • Data Circuits
  • Telecom Non-Recurring
  • Research Computing
  • Cellular Services
  • Managed Port Fees
  • Software Licensing

When do I need to take action?

Requisition entry for anticipated expenditures from OBS lines of business should take place as soon as possible -- as early as December 2nd, 2016, and no later than December 23rd, 2016.

  • The Controller’s Office is hosting Internal Requisition Work Sessions (see below) to assist departments in fulfilling this requirement.
  • The Controller’s Office and ITS will monitor departmental requisition activity and will contact departments if the new procedure is not followed.


How do I comply with this new requirement?

  • Determine required requisition(s) and amounts needed for your department(s).  The query provided for OBS’ implementation in June 2016 does not include all activity ITS bills for, and therefore should not be used for the ITS implementation. The Controller’s Office and ITS has provided departments estimates of their requisition amounts based upon last year’s expenditures in periods 7-12 on the Auxiliary AR/Billings website in the “Resources” box on the right-hand side of the page. A step-by-step guide has been created to guide you through this process.
  • Enter requisitions/create PO’s for the applicable in accordance with the new internal purchase order process.  Detailed training documents have been created; please review as you enter your requisitions to avoid having to re-enter or correct errors. This should be done as soon as possible - as early as December 2nd, 2016 and no later than December 23rd, 2016.
    • *Note: an important change to mark requisitions as “amount only” is included in all requisition training guides as of October 2016. This step is important to ensure your encumbrances are accurate throughout the life of your PO, even after change-orders take place.
  • Manage (through change orders) and/or create new POs as appropriate on an ongoing basis.


What resources are available to support me during this process? 

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tutorials  
    • Internal Requisition Entry for each line of business
    • Understanding Auxiliary AR/Billing Charges (includes how to view invoice PDF)
  • AR/Billing Internal Requisition Work Sessions
    • Attend these work sessions to obtain an overview of the Auxiliary AR/Billing Project and receive guidance as you estimate encumbrance amounts and create requisitions for internal purchases for FY 2016-17. These work sessions are designed to assist departments in fulfilling the new requirement that all internal purchases from ITS/OBS lines of business be preceded by a purchase order.
    • Dates:
      • Tuesday – December 6th 8:30am-10:30am
      • Wednesday – December 7th 10am-12pm
      • Thursday -  December 8th 1pm-3pm
      • Wednesday – December 14th 9am-11am
      • Monday – December 19th 3pm-5pm
    • Location: see OMNI Training Enrollment for location by training session.
    • How to sign up:
      • Navigate to > HR > Main Menu > Self Service > Learning & Development > Request Training Enrollment
      • Search by course name (Internal Requisition Work Session) or course number (BTAUX1)
      • Select the appropriate session (0001, 0002, 0003, etc.)
      • Select “Continue” and follow the prompts until your registration is confirmed

What are the benefits to University departments?

We anticipate many benefits to departments, including:

  • Enabling encumbrances for internal purchases
    • Improved reporting
    • Reduced budget errors and time spent researching errors
  • Permitting Sponsored Research pre-approval for CAS exemptions by project
  • Reduced IDR processing


Additional Information

At this time, only ITS and OBS lines of business have moved into the OMNI Auxiliary AR/Billing system. Over time, additional auxiliaries will be brought on board based upon interest, business processes, requirements, type of auxiliary, and other considerations.

If you should have any questions, please email, or contact your Information Technology Services representative.


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