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Frequently Asked Questions - Accounting

Intro to University Accounting Questions

1. What is OMNI?

2. What is a Business Unit?

3. What is a Set ID?

4. What is the University’s Fiscal Year & Accounting Period?

Chartfield Questions

1. What are Chartfields?

2. What Chartfields are required for all financial transactions in OMNI?

3. What additional chartfields are required for projects (i.e. Sponsored Projects (C&G) and Construction)?

4. What are Optional Chartfields?

Ledgers and Journal Entry Questions

1. What are Ledgers?

2. What is the General Ledger (GL) and how does information get posted to the GL?

3. How do you obtain Departmental Ledgers?

4. What is a Journal Entry?

5. How do you identify the source of a journal entry?

6. How do you look up a Journal Entry?

Financial Reporting Tools Questions

1. What is a Trial Balance?

2. What is the quickest and easiest way to pull financial information out of OMNI?

3. What listservs are particularly useful for University financial representatives?

4. Where can I locate job aids?