Online Payments Powered by Cashnet | 02/12/2021

Florida State University is partnering with Cashnet to provide students, delegates, faculty, staff, and other customers with the ability to pay their charges managed in the MyFSU Student Central system (such as tuition and fees) online. Cashnet will replace our current payment processor, PayPoint, in late March 2021, and will deliver several enhanced features.

Users will still view their charges through either the MyFSU portal or the My Bill section of Student Central, but will be transferred to Cashnet to make a payment, set up their eRefund bank account information for financial aid and other refunds, establish a payment plan for their tuition and fees balance, or store payment methods for future use.

Campus Solutions / Student Central will continue to be the system of record for transactional entries on student accounts, so the change to Cashnet will not affect how your department posts and removes charges, how financial holds work, or how interdepartmental payments for student accounts function. Cashnet will only provide a new interface through which students and delegates can make payments or through which they can sign up for the direct deposit of their financial aid and credit balance proceeds.

As a financial representative, we know you may be asked by staff, students or their delegates why completing payments looks slightly different. Please be assured that we will provide you with the information you need prior to go-live so that you can answer any questions that may come up.


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