Departmental Ledger Review Guidance  | 03/05/2021

The Controller’s Office is pleased to introduce new Departmental Ledger Review Guidance.  This guidance supersedes University Controller’s Memorandum #02 (2007/2008) - Ledger Reconciliation Guidelines.

This guidance is intended to emphasize substantive review of departmental ledgers for accuracy and completeness.  The new guidance also provides methods for reviewing financial data and taking corrective actions for errors detected.

The Controller’s Office encourages but does not require the use of the previously announced BI Departmental Ledger Review dashboard in conjunction with this new guidance.  This dashboard is located under the Financial Reports section in BI.

This dashboard will aid departments in reviewing ledger balances, transactions, and supporting documentation through the utilization of drilling links associated with related transaction details (source, journal date, journal ID, vendor/employee, transaction reference number).  These links provide easy access to associated transaction pages in OMNI Financials to allow users to view any associated documentation stored in OMNI Financials.

Training for the new Departmental Ledger Review process will be coming soon in the form of a revised BTFA03 - General Ledger Reconciliation class.  The class will demonstrate methods for reviewing financial ledgers utilizing the BI Departmental Ledger Review dashboard, provide examples of issues to look out for when performing the ledger reviews, and discuss methods for correcting issues noted.

If you have questions regarding the new Departmental Ledger Review Guidance, please contact