New Purchase Order Close Process | 3/22/2024

We are excited to announce that the Controller’s Office, Procurement Services, and ITS are collaborating to simplify the invoice payment process for closed purchase orders (POs). These process and system changes aim to reduce administrative workload and enhance efficiency.

To address the issue, beginning on July 1 each PO will have two statuses, both of which will be reflected in OMNI and in SpearMart:
•    SpearMart Status (new field) – Determines if the PO is available for changes. This status will be automatically updated to closed on the PO due date.
•    PO Status (existing field) – Determines if the PO is open for entering receipts and processing payments. As a matter of course, this field will remain in dispatched (open) status for 12 months after the PO due date. Please note that this status/field is what you are already used to seeing in OMNI.

Departments should continue to monitor their POs and related encumbrances, but the existing PO Status field will be used at fiscal year-end to determine which purchase orders will roll. If the status is open, then the PO will automatically roll.

For additional information including an example scenario, frequently asked questions, and a screenshot of the new statuses, please see the Accounts Payable website.

Questions or other feedback about the new payment process should be sent to Questions regarding PO activity should be directed to