Student Payment Guidance Account Codes Update | 03/25/2021

Thanks to those of you who provided feedback on the Departmental Student Payment Guidance project which launched in Spring 2021. Based on your recommendations we have made several changes to the guidance. As we move into the Summer 2021 payment period we will continue to refine this process and appreciate any additional feedback you may have.

Account Code Changes

We have made the following updates to account codes based on these recommendations:

741957 Student Aid Dept Tuition – Formerly known as Stdnt Aid Dept Qualfd Tuition, this account code will now be used any time a department wishes to pay a student’s tuition, regardless of its status as qualified or non-qualified in IRS code.

741958 Stdnt Aid Dept Other – This account code will be used to pay any non-tuition charges on a student’s account or to disburse various awards and stipends.

741580 Stdnt Aid Dept Hlth Insurance – This account code will be used to pay a student’s health insurance charges.

741959 Stdnt Aid Dept Nonqualified – This account code will be retired. Departments will no longer need to differentiate between qualified and non-qualified tuition expenses.

New Query

To aid departments in differentiating between payments made toward tuition, other charges, or refunded directly to the student, we have created a new query which can be run in MyFSU Student Central.

FSU_SF_SRA_STUDENT_PAYMENT – This query requires a date range of the payment, the department ID, and a project if applicable. The query will return what charges on a student account were paid by the departmental payment and can be used to differentiate between payments toward tuition and other charges or refunds directly to the student.

Form Updates

The Departmental Student Payment Guidance form and addendum has been updated to remove the 741959 account code and add a checkbox called “Bypass Charges”. When checked, this box will tell Student Business Services that charges should not be paid per the agreement or contract language of the payment between the department and funding source or student.

You can find an updated form, addendum, and FAQ’s on our website here:

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