New BI Dashboard | 04/01/2021

The BI Departmental Ledger AUX, CF, CG, CS, EG, and FDN dashboards have been consolidated under a new BI dashboard “Budget & Avail Bal PDF Reports”.  The new dashboard will generate the same PDF reports as the Departmental Ledger dashboards that are being retired on March 31, 2021.


The new Budget & Avail Bal PDF Reports dashboard consolidates the old Departmental Ledger dashboards as individual pages within the new dashboard.  The prompts and layout of each page are the same as the Departmental Ledger dashboards being retired.


Please note that when switching pages between different funding sources on the new dashboard (for example from EG to CG), you will need to re-enter/confirm prompt values as the prompts differ between funding sources.


If you have questions regarding the new consolidated dashboard, please contact