FSU Foundation Semi-annual PCI Compliance Training Reminder​​​​​​​ | 05/07/2021

Due to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), all FSU staff who handle credit cards from external parties being transmitted to the FSU Foundation are required to complete PCI training and certification annually. This ensures the Foundation stays compliant with the PCI DSS and minimizes the risk of credit card data breaches.

**Reminders for the annual required certification are sent by Gift Services twice a year, so you can disregard if you have taken the class within the last year.**

If you are an FSU staff member who handles external credit cards coming to the Foundation in any stage of the process, this is a mandatory annual training. This does not apply to p-cards.  Please note that if you handle credit cards and other sensitive data that does not come to the Foundation, you are also required to take the FSU ITS PCI DSS Security Awareness Training on Canvas.

The Foundation’s PCI Compliance training is available online for your convenience. Please click this link to go to training.foundation.fsu.edu and complete PCI Compliance Training 2021. Complete both the training and brief quiz at the end. New staff handling credit cards coming to the Foundation should take this training within one month of their start date, and before handling any credit cards.

If there are staff in your college or unit for whom this applies, but who did not receive this email, please pass along to ensure that your unit stays in compliance. Should you have questions, please contact Alexia Chamberlynn at 644-9193 or achamberlynn@foundation.fsu.edu.

Thank you,
Alexia Chamberlynn
Senior Director, Gift Services
FSU Foundation