FSU Research Foundation to OMNI - Project team confirmation | 05/19/2020

As announced earlier this year, FSU Research Foundation (FSURF) in transitioning into OMNI on July 1, 2020. 

As a reminder, the transition includes the following items:

  • Contracts & Grants
  • Royalty Accounts
  • PI Support Accounts
  • Departmental Indirect Cost Accounts
  • GAP Awards
  • Krafft Awards (formerly known as Eppes Awards)

The initial set up of the projects in OMNI has been completed.  We need each department to verify that the project team associated with each project is correct.

You will need to run FSU_SP_GM_ACTIVE_PROJECTS_TEAM for all of your department(s) using Business Unit “FSRF1”



Once you receive those results, you will need to verify the PI and SPPROJMGR are correct along with any other team members.

If there are any changes to the project team, the department will need to complete the attached Personnel Change Form.  If there is more than one project that needs to be updated for your department(s),  the Project ID space on the form can say “see attached” and then you can include an Excel spreadsheet with the changes.  This allows the Director to only have to sign once to add/remove people on all the projects. A Chair/Director is allowed sign on behalf of the PI for these global departmental changes.

Changes will need to be returned to FSURFgrants@fsu.edu by the end of the day on Wednesday, May 27th.

Please direct general questions about the FSURF to OMNI transition to Betsy Miller at bcmiller@fsu.edu.