Carryforward Budget Information for Fiscal Year 2023-24 | 07/05/2023

Operating budgets for Fiscal Year 2023-24 have been booked in OMNI-FI for all applicable funds except for E&G-carryforward. While carryforward spending will be allowed, related budgets will not be booked in OMNI until updated 2023-24 Carryforward Spending Plans have been approved. Per new legislation passed this spring (pending the approval of congruent BOG regulation changes), the spending of E&G-carryforward funds will no longer be restricted to “non-recurring” items. E&G-carryforward funds may once again be spent on salaried employees, long-term contracts, etc.

Like last year, the Budget Office will coordinate with division representatives to update spending plans. Until then, $0 budgets will be booked as needed for carryforward combinations, with resulting “exceeds budget tolerance” errors automatically overridden to facilitate carryforward spending. If you experience any “no budget exists” errors, contact the Budget Office.

For any questions or assistance regarding budgets, contact the Budget Office at