Asset Management Important Reminder | 07/07/2022

As we enter the new fiscal year, we would like to remind everyone about the importance of capturing all the correct information when trading-in an old capital asset to reduce the purchase cost of the new asset. Your purchase requisition must indicate the old decal number of the asset being traded in and the credit value the University is receiving for the trade-in (ex. identified on the quote).  Requisitioners should use the comments and attachment sections to provide the information.  Additionally, a Capital Property Accountability Release form should be initiated and attached to the requisition.

In accordance with University’s Property Policy, the trade-in information specified above is required for approval from Procurement and the Asset Management Office.  Once approved, the department should ensure that the property decal and all other references to FSU property are removed or destroyed at the time the property is released to the supplier.   Should you have any questions, please email for additional guidance.