Accounts Payable Enhancements | 08/18/2022

Accounts Payable is pleased to announce three recent system enhancements to assist departments with processing payments.

  1. Apple and B&H Photo have transitioned to electronic invoicing. What does that mean for you?  Invoices will now come directly into OMNI and populate a voucher. Departments are responsible for inspecting the goods upon arrival and creating a receipt in OMNI. Once the receipt is created in OMNI, the voucher will initiate the payment process to the supplier.  
  2. The OMNI FI Receipt search screen has been updated to include a new field, “Price Per Receipt.” This field was added to assist departments in identifying receipts. See below for an example.

  1. Payment Requests (ePRFs) in OMNI have been updated to include payment method information. A “Supplier Payment Options” box will now be shown for each ePRF. This box reflects the default payment type (EFT or Check) for the supplier and location selected for that ePRF. This box can only be updated by AP Staff. See below for an example.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact