Cash Management Policy Update | 10/3/2023

The Cash Management Policy (4-OP-D-2-B) has been updated. A summary of the changes is noted below:

1. Departments that collect revenue only by credit cards via the Controller’s Office managed system (no cash, no other means of revenue) are no longer required to be a cash collection point.
2. Updated petty cash and change fund guidance to further clarify the types of employee advances that are allowed to establish a change fund. Petty cash is only allowed for use in a cash register change fund or for human incentive payments.
3. Updated definitions of cash and cash collection point and added new definitions for cash collection point custodian, receipts, electronic fund transfers, and remote desktop deposits.
4. Provided additional clarity on the process for receiving payments by electronic funds transfer and credit cards.
5. Updated deposit process guidance to include how to use the Departmental Deposit Form.

If you have questions about the updated policy, please contact Betsy Miller at