Update: Budget Information for Fiscal Year 2021-22

E&G Carryforward Budgets

As a follow-up to the email sent July 9th, 2021 Budget Information for Fiscal Year 2021-22, please note that E&G-carryforward budgets have now been booked in OMNI-FI (based on approval by the Board of Trustees at their September meeting). Budget errors impacting carryforward funds will no longer be overridden. Instead, if budget errors are encountered, departments will need to determine if there is an error in the transaction (requiring a correction), or if their carryforward spending plan must be adjusted (requiring a budget transfer).

Additional information on carryforward spending plan reconciliations will be provided to division contacts this week, who will coordinate those activities for their divisions.

As always, please contact the Budget Office at budget@fsu.edu with any questions.