Compliance Report - Period 3 FY 2021

The Controller’s Office is pleased to announce the publication of the updated compliance report.  The new report includes focused metrics related to university compliance issues and provides the ability to filter by Division, School, or Department, as well as new scoring criteria. You can access the September 2020 report here.

The first page of the report provides the current period score for each of the two metrics now included on the report.  You can navigate to a detailed look at each metric by going to pages 2 and 3 of the report or by clicking “Scoring Criteria” above each metric.  On the detailed metric pages you will find additional information about each metric, including a 3-year trend analysis, as well as a comparison to other departments and to the University as a whole. Please note that you can view the report in full-screen mode by clicking the arrows in the bottom right corner of the report.

Additionally, on the detailed pages, links have been provided to a metric information sheet and to the backup data used to populate the report.  If you have questions regarding the data in the report, you can contact the individual listed on the metric information sheet.

If you have any issues accessing or navigating through the report, please contact