Important Financial Training Update | 12/16/2021

Working in conjunction with other university central offices, the Controller’s Office is excited to announce the creation of two new financial training certificate series.

As announced earlier this year, the former Financial Representatives Certificate Series has now been redesigned as two separate series. The new series will now include a combination of long-standing training classes as well as several new courses, some of which are still being finalized and will not be immediately available.

The Financial Basics Series has been designed to provide a core curriculum of classes for university staff that handle some operational tasks related to university finances but who are not necessarily involved in more advanced financial responsibilities. The Financial Administrator Series builds onto the Basics Series by adding courses covering higher-level accounting concepts as well as ledger review and budgeting. Specific courses included in each series are:

Financial Basics Series

  • Introduction to University Accounting (BTAC01)
  • Intermediate University Accounting (BTAC02)
  • Procurement Policies (BTPUR2)
  • Travel Expense & T-Card (BTTE03)
  • Internal Billing (BTUIB1)
  • Internal Controls (COIC01)
  • Accounts Payable (TBD)

Financial Administrator Series

  • All Financial Basics Series classes
  • Advanced University Accounting (BTAC03)
  • Departmental Ledger Review (BTAC04)
  • Budgeting (TBD)

More information about Certificate Training Series at FSU is available on the Training & Organizational Development website. If you have questions, please contact us at