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Frequently Asked Questions - Employees

Each academic year, eligible faculty members can enroll in the payroll twelve-month payment option plan. The plan will be in effect beginning with the first full paycheck of each academic year.


What is the Twelve-Month Payment Option?

When is open enrollment for the Twelve-Month Payment Option?

Can I have benefit deductions taken from my Twelve-Month Payment Option payments?

What is “Double Deduction” and when does it occur?

Is there a minimum and maximum amount that can deducted?

Will the deduction occur when employees receive a third paycheck in a month?

If an employee separates from FSU or changes from a nine/ten month faculty member to a twelve month faculty member, what happens to the funds being withheld?

What if the employee receives a Supplemental Summer Appointment?

What happens if an employee request a partial or full distribution of funds during the deduction period?

How does this affect the employee’s taxes?

Will the employee earn interest on the money held by the university?

Is this the only way for a nine/ten month faculty member to save money for the summer months?

Will the Twelve-Month Payment Option summer payments be directly deposited into an employee’s bank account(s)?

What happens to the funds in the event of death of the employee?

What should I do if I am using the Firefox browser and receive an error message while trying to open the form?

What if I continue to experience issues with opening the enrollment form directly from the website?

What if an employee has questions related to the Twelve-Month Payment Option?

Do I have to enroll in direct deposit to receive my paycheck?

How do I set-up my direct deposit?

May I have more than one account for distribution of my paycheck?

Through OMNI Self-Service, I made a change to my direct deposit information and now the edit button is grayed out. I need to make an additional change, but the system is not allowing additional updates.

What is the cut off time and date for changes to direct deposit information to be effective for the upcoming paycheck?

If I did not receive my paycheck on payday, is it possible for me to still be paid?

What if the hours and/or hourly rate are incorrect on my paycheck?

How can I access my paycheck online?

What happens if I closed my bank account and did not notify Payroll Services?

I received notice of garnishment against my wages. Please explain how this will affect my paycheck.

What can I do if I don’t believe my wages should be garnished?

I have made new arrangements for payment of my garnishment. When will this go into effect on my paycheck?

My child has reached legal age so why hasn’t my child support payment stopped being deducted from my paycheck?

Do I have to complete a new W-4 form each year?

I claimed to be “exempt” from federal income tax on my W-4 form last year and now federal income tax is being withheld from my pay. Why?

Can I change the amount of federal income tax being withheld from my pay?

Do student employees have to pay Social Security and Medicare?

What is the “FICA Alternative Plan” deduction I see on my paycheck?

I am no longer employed with FSU. Who should I contact to withdraw my funds from Bencor?

Who do I contact if I have questions about the taxes on my paycheck?

What is a W-2 Form?

When will I receive my W-2 form?

How do I sign up to receive my W-2 form electronically?

How do I receive my W-2 form if I am no longer employed with the University?

How do I understand my W-2?

Why doesn’t the amount in Box 1 (Wages, Tips and Other Compensation) agree with the total gross earnings on my last paycheck of the year?

Why doesn’t the amount in Box 3 (Social Security Wages) agree to the total Gross Earnings on my last paycheck of the year?

Why don’t I have any Social Security or Medicare Wages reported on my W-2 form?

My address is not correct on my W-2 form. Do I need a corrected W-2 form?

Are all days worked in December included in my current year’s W-2 form?

I gave consent to receive my W-2 form electronically, but I cannot sign-in. What should I do?

I have misplaced my W-2 form. How do I get another copy?

I am a Foreign National who worked for FSU during the year. Why did I not receive a W-2 form?

Who do I contact if I have questions about my W-2 form?

What is GLACIER?

How can I get my login information?

Why am I required to provide information in GLACIER?

What is the difference between a Nonresident Alien and Resident Alien?

How will I be taxed on payments from U.S. sources?

I am no longer employed with FSU. Who should I contact to withdraw my funds from Bencor?

Who do I contact if I have questions about the taxes on my paycheck?

Can I be exempt from federal income tax withholding?

What if I do not submit my GLACIER tax forms and immigration documents to Payroll Services?

I received an email about GLACIER but I am a Permanent Resident Alien. What should I do?

What is a Form 1042s and when should I receive it?

I did not receive my 1042s. How do I get a copy of my 1042s?

Who do I contact if I have questions about my 1042s?