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Frequently Asked Questions - Departments

I am hiring a non-U.S. citizen employee in my department. Where do I start?

How do I make a non-service, non-qualified scholarship payment to a foreign national student?

How do I pay a foreign national receiving performance fees or an honoraria?

What is GLACIER?

How can a foreign national get their GLACIER login information?

Why are foreign nationals required to provide information in GLACIER?

What is the difference between a Nonresident Alien and Resident Alien?

How will a foreign national be taxed on payments from U.S. sources?

Can a foreign national be exempt from federal income tax withholding?

What if a foreign national does not submit their GLACIER tax forms and immigration documents to Payroll Services?

What is a Form 1042s and when should foreign nationals receive them?

Who should a foreign national contact if they have questions about their 1042s?