Frequently Requested Tax Information

University’s Tax ID#: 

The University’s employer identification number (EIN#) is 59-1961248.  The IRS has issued us this confirming IRS Letter 3064C:


IRS W-9 Forms and Substitute W-9’s

Most vendors who maintain accounts receivables with the university will request a copy of our IRS W-9 form.  We do the same in our accounts payable vendor file.  The W-9 form is valid until the IRS issues a newer version of the form.  Our most current W-9 form is available here:

Some vendors prefer to use a Substitute W-9 form instead of the official IRS version.  They do this to gather information about the selling department’s contacts and products, shipping instructions, and remittance contacts and address at the same time that they gather the tax information that is on the W-9.  If this occurs, departments should transfer the tax data from our official W-9 onto that portion of the Substitute W-9 then fill out the relevant departmental information the vendor is looking for.  Anyone can sign a W-9 or Substitute W-9 form and send it to the vendor without Tax Service’s assistance.


Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Our current and past consumer’s certificates of exemption are presented below.  The older certificates are there because vendors under sales tax audits frequently request copies from prior years.

This certificate provides exemption from Florida Sales Tax for purchases made on behalf of the organization. All vendors and suppliers must be provided a copy of this certificate prior to making tax-exempt purchases.