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Controller's Office

Frequently Asked Questions - Tax

Sales Tax Questions


1. What is required for my department to collect sales taxes?

2. How are sales taxes remitted to the Department of Revenue?

3. How often does the Department of Revenue perform sales tax audits?

4. How do I receive sales tax-related training?

5. What types of purchases are eligible for the sales tax exemption?

6. Are student organizations and club bank accounts exempt from sales taxes?

7. Which states accept the University's sales tax exemption status?

 Unrelated Businesss Income Tax (UBIT) Questions


1. What criteria must activities meet to be considered unrelated business income?

2. What types of activities are generally INCLUDED in unrelated business income taxes (UBIT)?

3. What types of activities are generally EXCLUDED from UBIT?

4. How are the University's unrelated business income taxes reported to the IRS?

5. Who should I contact with other questions about UBIT?

1098-T Questions


1. What is the 1098-T Form?

2. What if the charges on my 1098-T are not correct?

3. When will I receive my 1098-T form?

4. I can't find my 1098-T. How do I get a reprint?

5. How do I update my address if I move?

6. Can international students receive a 1098-T form and Education Tax Credits?

7. Am I eligible to receive tax credits and does this form validate the taxability of my financial aid?