2021 Year-End Information and Supporting Documentation | 06/10/2021

Your assistance is greatly needed in preparing the University’s 2021 financial statements. Please complete the following forms, as applicable, for your department(s):

• Year-End Cash on Hand
• Year-End Accounts Receivable
• Year-End Inventory Purchased for Resale
• Year-End Library Expenditures
• Year-End Unearned Revenue

These forms are located in the Accounting and Reporting Forms section on the Controller’s website at: http://controller.vpfa.fsu.edu/Controller-Forms. Please include supporting documentation in an electronic format whenever possible.

All forms should be completed and emailed to CTL-FinReporting@fsu.edu no later than July 9th, 2021.

Also, please continue to periodically review the Year-End Calendar for changes between now and year-end as dates are subject to change based upon ongoing testing for year-end closing processes. This year’s calendar is offered in two different formats – a calendar view and an excel view. If you have questions regarding the calendar, please contact Karen Welling at 644-9429. For additional calendar information, please consult the individual noted in the Contact list.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Judd D. Enfinger, CPA
Florida State University