Concur Request reporting

As announced on July 22nd, changes have been made to the Concur travel request process. All travel encumbrances have now been fully liquidated in OMNI.

To facilitate departmental tracking of travel requests, the Controller’s Office has created an “Approved Travel Requests” report, which is located on the Controller’s Office SharePoint (FSUID login required). An updated version of this report will be published on the first business day of each week. To assist with any month-end processes, an update will also be made available as of the last business day of each month.

As a reminder, per FSU Travel Policy 4-OP-D-2-D, all FSU business travel requires an approved travel request in Concur. The Controller’s Office offers weekly travel help sessions for assistance with all aspects of travel and expense reporting. Please see the Concur Training website for more details.

Should you have any questions, please contact Carla Daniels at