Department Specific

The Controller’s Office will work with departments upon request to train users on Concur or consult on departmental business practices related to Concur. Please email the FSU Central Travel Office for possible options tailored to your department.

Travel Office Hours - Concur (Zoom Session)

For assistance with real scenarios, and guidance on completing Travel Requests (T-Auths), booking Travel, and completing Expense Reports. The Travel office conducts drop-in/drop-out sessions (users do not have to attend the entire event). See our schedule below for additional times and dates. Users will be helped in the order they log in. Please remain in the waiting room. Sign up is not required.

Concur Guides

Documentation created by those with advanced knowledge of travel policy and the Concur system. It exists to improve the experience of travelers, travel delegates, and approvers. Please notify the FSU Central Travel Office if you encounter any issues or need additional assistance with any of the guides listed below.