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Controller's Office

Frequently Asked Questions - Accounting

Intro to University Accounting Questions

1. What is OMNI?

2. What is a Business Unit?

3. What is a Set ID?

4. What is the University’s Fiscal Year & Accounting Period?

Chartfield Questions

1. What are Chartfields?

2. What Chartfields must be entered for each financial transaction in OMNI?

3. What additional chartfields are required for projects (i.e. Sponsored (C&G), Foundation, and Construction Projects)?

4. What are Optional Chartfields?

Ledgers and Journal Entry Questions

1. How do I know which GL Account to use when recording departmental journals, deposits, or PCard transactions?

2. How can I tell what account a commodity code / purchasing category is going to hit on my ledger when processing a requisition?

3. When is revenue considered internal vs. external?

4. When should payroll funding changes be handled via a departmental journal using the salary reimbursement GL Accounts (versus the use of a Redistribution of Funding (RDF) through Payroll Services)?

5. If departmental expenses are reimbursed by an outside entity, is this considered a reduction of expense or revenue to the university?

6. How are transfers between Foundation funds (Fund 599 Project IDs) processed?

7. Can an expense correction to a Foundation fund (Fund 599 Project ID) be recorded via a departmental journal?

8. How can I access a listing of all Accounts, Department IDs, or Fund Codes?

Departmental Online Journal Entry Form & Addendum Questions

1. How are correcting journal entries processed?

2. Who should approve the form?

3. How should the form be submitted to the Controller’s Office?

4. What if my journal entry has more lines than are available on the departmental journal form?

5. What should be entered in the “Purpose of Transaction” section of the form?

6. What should be populated in the “Transaction(s) As Currently Recorded” section?

7. What support for the departmental journal should be submitted with the completed form?

8. How are forms signed electronically?

9. How will the journal appear in the general ledger?

10. How do I update departmental authorized signers?

PAY Cycles/Check Related Questions

1. When and where can AP checks be picked up? Can I send a runner?

2. Where is the Stop Payment Request form located?

3. What is the difference between a payment cancellation and a reissue?