Foundation to OMNI Integration


On Monday, July 2, 2018, FSU Foundation (FSUF) departmental funds were transitioned into OMNI Fund 599; payments for University departmental expenses were integrated into FSU systems (OMNI, Concur, and SpearMart); and the University’s departmental and managerial reporting was enhanced to incorporate these departmental Foundation funds.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Many of the most frequently asked questions related to this integration, and the answers to them, have been compiled here (last revised 07/16/2018).

Please keep in mind that business processes for spending your Foundation funds should closely mirror the business processes you are already familiar with in OMNI, SpearMart, Concur, etc. If you find yourself wondering how you do something with a Foundation Project, first ask, “How do I do this with my other departmental funds?” 

If you still have questions about a particular business process or system, please contact the pertinent central office (Budget Office, Disbursement Services, Procurement Services, etc.).

Foundation Chartfield Information

All Foundation funds are accounted for in Fund Code 599, each with its own unique Project ID (all beginning with the letter “F”). These FSUF Project IDs and Department IDs are available in OMNI Financials via the query, FSU_DPT_CODES_FSUF_PROJECTS. For information on the associated roles (Budget Manager, DDDHC, Authorized Signer(s), and Hyperion Budget Preparers) for each Foundation Department, you can run the FSU_DPT_DEPARTMENT_ROLES query. 

A crosswalk of OMNI Expense Accounts to corresponding Foundation (FE) GL Accounts is available here.

A crosswalk of OMNI Fund 547 Project IDs to their corresponding Fund 599 Project IDs is available here.