Frequently Asked Questions - Travel

Avis/Budget Rental

What are the FSU contract numbers?

  • Avis (AWD) - Business Use: B133414 ; Leisure Use: S954700
  • Budget (BCD) - Business Use: T417676 ; Leisure Use: T118900

You must be an FSU employee in order to rent a vehicle under the leisure use contract.


Where are the Tallahassee locations?

  • Avis/Budget: 1414 S Monroe St - 1.5 miles from campus
    • Avis: (850) 222-3744
    • Budget: (850) 915-0600
  • Avis/Budget: 3300 Capital Circle SW (Tallahassee Regional Airport)
    • Avis: (850) 576-4133
    • Budget: (850) 476-0587

    Other locations can be found on the Avis/Budget website


Does this contract include Roadside Assistance?

Yes. Roadside Assistance (800) 354-2847
In the event of a vehicle breakdown, a situation in which the renter believes the vehicle is unsafe, or other vehicle emergency, Avis/Budget shall remedy the situation within two (2) hours of being notified by the renter (e.g. fix the flat tire, jump start the vehicle, refill the vehicle with gas, unlock the vehicle) or replace the vehicle; replacement vehicles shall be the same or greater class and shall be provided at no additional charge.

What are the Avis Preferred and Budget Fastbreak programs?

Avis Preferred and Budget Fastbreak are loyalty programs that provide members with exclusive benefits and privileges to make renting faster and easier.

Members may receive such benefits as:

  • Expedited Service.
  • Save your rental preferences and reserve faster

You can enroll by visiting

Renters are also encouraged to download the free Avis and Budget mobile apps:

These steps will help expedite the reservation and rental process for the renter.


How do I make a reservation?

Using one of the following methods:

Personal credit card or your university travel card in Concur. See Concur User Guide.

Initiate reservations through the Avis Website or the Budget Website. Or contact the state-dedicated customer service number: (800) 338-8211.


How do I make a reservation for another traveler and have it billed to my Travel Card?

You will need an Avis/Budget issued Billing Number. Billing Numbers are issued to allow Travel Card Holders to reserve and pay rentals for other individuals (i.e. visitors, co-workers, and staff).

You can request the Billing Number by completing the Global Electronic Billing Terms of Agreement, and submitting to Raylene Clegg, Avis/Budget Account Services Representative, at

Once you receive your Billing Number, you will be sent a step-by-step booking guide for using your Billing Number with future reservations.

A Billing Number is not needed for rentals reserved and paid by the individual traveler for themselves. 

Do not disclose Billing Numbers to others as it is tied to your Travel Card.

How should the driver’s name be entered on the reservation?

Use the driver’s legal name as shown on their valid driver’s license.

Do I select the optional insurance coverages offered by Avis and Budget?

If you are renting for business use in the US, do not accept any of the optional insurance coverages at time of enrollment in Avis Preferred or Budget Fastbreak Programs, or at time the vehicle is picked up and contract is signed. 

These coverages are included in the state contracted business rate and are automatically included on all business rentals.

If you are renting for leisure use, these coverages are NOT included, but can be added to your reservation at your cost.

How do I edit or cancel an existing reservation?

Contact the branch directly (in advance) to cancel a reservation by name or contact Avis/Budget state-dedicated customer service number: (800) 338-8211

How do I book trips for a combination of business and leisure travel time?

Proceed with booking a business reservation. At time of pickup, tell counter attendant which days of rental are for leisure use.

The attendant will ensure appropriate taxes are assessed for leisure days. Insurance is not included for leisure rentals.

Can I rent with my personal credit card?

Yes, but State of Florida sales tax will be charged on in-state rentals.

Can I rent with personal bank-issued debit card?

Although possible, there are severe limitations and it is not encouraged.  

Contact state-dedicated customer service number: (800) 525-7521 for details.

How do I obtain a receipt copy?

Travelers are provided rental receipts with each return, either in person or to email address on file.

If receipt is lost, contact (800) 525-7521 or please contact Raylene Clegg, Avis/Budget Account Services Representative, at; please copy the Contract Administrator on all communications with the Avis/Budget Account Services Representative.

Are there age restrictions on vehicle rentals?

For business use & leisure use:

  • 18-year olds for all car classes except passenger vans.
  • 21-year olds may rent passenger vans accommodation 12 to 15 passengers.

Note: Avis/Budget will assess underage fees to any leisure use rental if the renter is between the ages of 18 and 24.

Are additional drivers allowed?

Yes. There will be no charge for additional drivers, provided they are also state employees on business or are members of the same household as the primary renter.

Standard age qualifications apply for vehicle classes.

Additional drivers do not have to be present to be added on the contract.

Who must be present to pick up the rental?

At the time of pick up, the primary renter must be present at branch in order to depart with the car.

The primary renter is considered the person whose name appears on the reservation and who will sign the rental agreement.

Is there a grace period for the reservation time versus the actual pickup time?

Yes, a 3-hour grace period is provided for picking up a rental.  

For example: If the reservation was made for 8AM, traveler may pick up as late as 11AM.

Please notify branch with any delays or changes.

What do I need when picking up my car?

At the time of pick-up, renters must present:


  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A major credit card (unless Electronic or Central Billing is used).
    • Use of debit cards for rentals may be restricted; please refer to the email confirmation received at the time of the reservation, or inquire when making a telephone reservation, regarding the debit card policy for the selected location.
  • An employee identification badge (unless Electronic or Central Billing is used).
    • The renter must be employed by a state agency or eligible user (e.g. a Florida city or county, state college or university, etc.).
    • Written authorization is required for non-employees and contractors traveling on behalf of a customer; written authorization must be on the customer’s letterhead and include the renter’s name, rental dates, and reservation number.
    • Non-employees and contractors are not permitted to use this contract for leisure use rentals.

Can I park my personal car at the rental location?

Airport locations: Parking is available per airport terms. Charges may apply.

Non-Airport locations: Renters should not plan on leaving a personal vehicle at a non-airport location during the rental period. .

Can someone else return my rental car?

Yes. Business or personal associates may return the vehicle on behalf of the primary renter

Is there a way to return the vehicle after hours?

Yes, Avis/Budget locations in Tallahassee have drop boxes near the front door. Park vehicle on lot and deposit keys in secure box provided.

Avis/Budget will inspect and close out contract the following morning. Renter will be contacted if there are any issues.

In what condition does the vehicle need to be returned?

Routine dirt and minor trash is to be expected.

At the time of return, the vehicle should:

• Have a full tank of gas (or the same amount of gas that was in the vehicle at the time of pick-up, if the renter agreed to accept less than a full tank).

• Be clean and free of personal items; if the vehicle is excessively dirty (including animal fur), Avis/Budget may assess a fee up to $200 to clean the vehicle.

• Be free of residual odors, smoke, or cigarette smell; if the renter smokes in the vehicle, Avis/Budget may assess a fee up to $200 to de-smoke the vehicle.


Detailing fees are to be paid by traveler and are not reimbursable by FSU.

Should I refill the gas tank?

Upon return, travelers can refill tank to level provided at pickup or have Avis/Budget refuel. There will be no refueling fee and fuel charge will be based on average midgrade fuel price.

Fuel will be an additional charge and reimbursable by FSU.

Are these rentals tax exempt?

Florida Sales Tax will show on your reservation during booking and will be removed at the counter by rental agent if the following applies:


  • Rental originates in the State of Florida
  • Rental is for business use and paid with an FSU Travel Card or assigned Billing Number.

Taxes will be charged if paid by personal credit card or if rental is made out-of-state.

How are tolls assessed?

Renters should plan ahead if they anticipate incurring toll charges during their travel.

• Renters are strongly encouraged to use a SunPass transponder. Renters must add the rental vehicle’s license plate number to the SunPass account at time of pick-up and remove the license plate number from the account when the vehicle is returned.

• If the renter does not have a SunPass transponder, and the renter travels through a toll plaza without paying cash, the renter will automatically be charged for using the Avis/Budget e-Toll service. The renter will be charged the actual cost for all tolls plus an e-Toll convenience fee of $3.95 for each day a toll is incurred. The convenience fee will not exceed $19.75 for the entire rental period.

Tolls will be charged to the credit card on file 2-4 weeks after the rental. Further questions can be directed to TollPass at: (877) 765-5201 or

Does Avis/Budget offer 12 and 15 passenger vans?


Renters 21+ may only rent 12/15 passenger vans for University business.

Please provide 72-hour advance notice and note that 12/15 passenger vans may only be booked at the city locations and are not normally available at airport locations.

Are one-way rentals allowed on this contract?

Yes. Avis/Budget will not charge a drop fee for one-way rentals within the State of Florida and within 700 miles out-of-state.

Mileage will be assessed on any one-way rentals out-of-state that exceed 700 miles.

A mileage fee of $0.25 will be assessed for each mile beyond the initial 700.

Collegiate Travel Planners

How can I access my future itineraries that were booked through World Travel Services in Concur?

Travelers will only be available to only view their itineraries in Concur after May 25th. We strongly encourage travelers to download the Concur and Tripit Pro mobile apps by Monday, May 22nd to ensure they have their travel details available to them after the transition period. Instructions on how to download the Concur and Tripit Pro mobile apps are available on page 83 and 89 of the Concur User Guide located here.

Will the FSU Lodge Card still be available through Concur to book airfare?

Yes. Department users will be able to use the new Airfare Card in their profile to book airfare only.

What is the cost associated with CTP?

A full pricing list for CTP can be found here. A summary of services and prices are below:

Service Price
Online Booking Transaction Fee: $3.00
Call-in Full Service Agent Fee: $17.00
After-Hours Fee*: $15.00

*A $15 fee is charged for any call to the after-hours (emergency services) line. This is to be able to assist those who are in a travel status and experiencing any type of issues. Please note: if CTP issues a ticket, there is an additional $17 booking fee.

After May 25th, will I still be able to access past airfare receipted in Concur for trips that were booked through WTS?

Please start to review any airfare expenses that are missing receipts. Use this link to obtain and print the receipts currently accessible through Concur and attach them to those expenses. For additional assistance finding a receipt, please email Please note that your request may take up to 5 business days to fulfill. There may be an additional fee for this service.

Will CTP have access to my airline reservation if it was booked by World Travel Services?

No, CTP will not be able to view reservations made by World Travel Services (WTS). Any modifications to airline bookings will need to be made directly with the airlines.

Do I need to update any information in Concur once CTP goes live on May 25, 2023?

No, all active employees will transition into CTP. We recommend verifying your profile for accuracy.

Updated - 6/1/2023