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Controller's Office


Default Approver – Based on employee profile data



Based on OMNI HR records and primary active profile in Concur. Each position can only have one supervisor/report to one person


Cost Object Approver (COA) – Based on Department | Fund | Project/Activity


Budget Manager

The budget manager should always be the first approver once the manager approves and it enters the COA workflow

Project Manager (if on a project)

Projects are setup with either Sponsored Research Administration (SRA) or Foundation for foundation 'projects'

SRA Approver (if on a project over $1,000)

Determined by SRA based on their internal protocols and business processes

Authorized Signer

Will need to approve for a budget manager when the budget manager is also the “traveler”


Processor & Processor Manager – Based on Department | Fund | Project/Activity


Processor (Approved and in Accounting Review)

Authorized approvers from the Foundation Accounting team

Processor Manager (Approved and Pending Processor Manager)

Authorized approvers from the Central Travel Office


The Central Travel Office does not manually maintain the list of approvers in Concur. Supervisors and Budget Managers are interfaced from OMNI FI based on what is on record. To change:

  1. Supervisors (Default Approver) – Department should verify that an employee’s primary job in OMNI HR is the one with the correct supervisor and if not contact FSU HR to make the change and update their employee record.
  2. Budget Manager or Project Manager (Cost Object Approver) – Updates to Budget Manager and Authorized Signer go through the FSU Budget Office using their Update Existing Department ID Form. Please refer to their policies here for more information. Updates to Project Manager go through the Sponsored Research Administration Office using their Personnel Change FormPlease refer to their policies here for more information.

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