Guest Travel

Guest travelers are defined as non-Florida State University employees. All guest travelers will require a guest travel ID to be created for them if they intend to be reimbursed by the university. The ID must be created before travel can be processed in the Concur system on their behalf. The easiest method of evaluating if someone needs a guest traveler ID is:

  • Do they receive a paycheck (printed or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)) from the FSU payroll office? If yes, then they should have a Concur profile and the Guest Travel Profile Form should not be used for them.

Guest travelers will not have access to Concur and university travel delegates (representatives) will require a guest traveler ID is created before they can process travel on their behalf. Concur guest traveler IDs begin with the letter "G". If your guest traveler ID begins with "G" please ensure the traveler has provided you with an up-to-date address to ensure they are mailed their reimbursements in a timely manner.

The Central Travel Office requires departments to provide a copy of the guest Expense Report signed by the traveler acknowledging the correct reimbursement amount prior to an Expense Report being fully approved and sent for payment. See "Printing an Expense Report" guide below.

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