Transact for Departments

The implementation of Transact brings new functionality to FSU in support of departmental activity across campus. Departments will see the creation of centralized eMarkets or storefronts, allowing departments to create custom online spaces to sell materials and supplies, physical products, rented space, memberships, and similar items. Transact will also bring new departmental deposit functionality, allowing departments to quickly and easily record revenue received during normal operation.

What is an eMarket?

An eMarket is an online storefront that allows departments to collect money for services and products. The Transact team at FSU will work with your department to develop an online storefront that works best for your services, and your customers will be provided with a link to access your eMarket to make purchases. All sites are PCI compliant and funds are automatically integrated with the OMNI Financials general ledger on a nightly basis.

What types of eMarket are available?

eMarkets can be implemented in two ways-- a checkout system integrated with an existing ordering/event management/accounts receivable solutions, and a non-integrated storefront that functions as a mechanism to sell goods and services:

  • eMarket Storefront: This option allows departments to create custom sales solutions with the support of the Controller's Office which feature customized text, logos, product images and descriptions, quantity variables, and allows the department to collect important reference information such as customer names, addresses, shirt sizes, etc.
  • eMarket Checkout: This option allows departments to use Transact as a payment gateway integrated into existing systems. For example, if the department uses a system to sell tickets and assign seats, but pushes the customer to a third party payment platform to complete the payment, an eMarket Checkout will replace the payment platform in an FSU-branded and PCI compliant way.


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