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Frequently Asked Questions - Auxiliary AR / Billing


Auxiliary AR & Billing

Internal Ordering

How do I place an order for an auxiliary using the OMNI AR/ Billing system?

Contact the selling department for information on ordering. Orders require PO and line before a good or service can be rendered. The Purchase Order is not the same as the order for goods/services. In other words, the Purchase Order authorizes goods/services to be rendered by the selling auxiliary, but does not communicate the need for the goods/services to the auxiliary.


Internal Procurement

Is it required to enter a requisition/create a PO for an internal good/service?

Yes, if the selling auxiliary is set up in the OMNI AR/ billing system.

How do I determine how much to encumber on the requisition/PO?

Please review the training materials located on the Controller's Office training website. Currently, internal vendors have not been added to SpearMart; therefore, internal requisitions must be entered in OMNI until further notice.

How do I enter and manage a PO?

Please review the training materials located on the Controller's Office training website.

Which internal goods and services will require a PO, and what is the effective date?

As of 5/1/2019, the following lines of business require a PO:

  • FCRR-Quantitative Methodology Innovation (QMI)
    • Research & Analysis charges stemming from the Quantitative Methodology & Innovation Auxiliary
  • Department of Urban Regional Planning (Mark & Marianne Barnebey Planning Lab & Studio)
    • Planning & Spatial Analysis
  • FSU Athletics
    • Ticket Sales
    • Rental Space (Morcom Aquatics)
  • Jim Moran Building
    • Rental Space (Jim Moran Building)


As of 11/1/2018, the following lines of business require a PO:

  • Laboratory Animal Resources
    • Charges for animal care and services as well as animal purchases.
  • FCAAP Wind Tunnel
    • Charges for services related to utilizing wind tunnel technology for research and testing


As of 7/1/2018, the following lines of business require a PO:

  • HR Background Check
    • HR Criminal History Background Checks
  • Photo Services
    • Photo and Video Services (photography, videography, & video editing services)
  • Institute of Molecular Biophysics
    • X-Ray Crystallography Facility (X-RAY)
    • Physical Biochemistry Facility (PBF)
    • Protein Expression Facility (PEF)
  • Condensed Matter & Materials Physics
    • Research & Analysis Services
    • Lab Supplies
    • Equipment Use
  • Adult Learning Evaluation Center
    • Psychoeducational Evaluations
  • Seminole Productions
    • Audio/Visual Services
    • Live Performance Services
  • FSU Coastal & Marine Lab
    • Vehicle Rentals
    • Supplies
    • Lab Usage
    • Space Rentals
    • Training
    • In State/Out of State Travel
  • CAPS Advanced Power Research
    • Research & Analysis Services (Test/Facility Use Days, Shared Simulation Services, Engineering Support Services)
  • University Health Services
    • Testing Services


 As of 11/1/2017, the following lines of business require a PO:

  • The College of Music
    • Performance rental space and related services (Ruby Diamond Concert Hall, Opperman Recital Hall, etc)
  • Biological Sciences
    • Stockroom (Supplies, Gas, Chemicals, Vehicle Rental, Greenhouse facilities)
    • CORE Facilities & BSIR (Analytical Laboratory, DNA Sequencing, Hybridoma Laboratory, Molecular Cloning Laboratory, Electron Microscope, and related services)
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
    • Stockroom (Supplies, Gas, Chemicals, Consumables)
    • Labs (Materials Characterization Lab (MAC), Mass Spectrometry Lab (MASS), Chemistry Resonance Lab (NMR)
  • The College of Medicine
    • Stockroom (Supplies, Gas, Chemicals)
    • Laboratories (Medicine Analysis & Equipment Services)
    • MRI Facility (Analysis & Equipment Services)
  • The Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine

As of 01/03/2017 Information Technology Services, including the below products/ services:

  • Profesional IT Services
  • File Storage/ Virtual Computing
  • Local Services – Phone & Cable
  • Campus Access & Security Services (CASS)
  • Data Circuits
  • Telecom Non-Recurring
  • Research Computing
  • Cellular Services
  • Manage Port Fees
  • Software Licensing


As of 07/01/2016 Office of Business Services  lines of business, including:

*Not citations; strictly departmental permits, lot reservations, event attendants, and other items previously processed on IDR forms.

Why are PO's required from auxiliaries using the OMNI AR/Billing system?

Requiring purchase orders for internal purchases using the internal AR/Billings system maximizes the benefits to departments, selling auxiliaries, and the University by:

  • Enabling encumbrances for interdepartmental transactions
  • Working towards the elimination of IDR and other manually-processed forms
  • Using delivered functionality, including online workflow
  • Enables Sponsored Research pre-approval for applicable encumbrances
  • Enabling reduced reliance on shadow systems
  • Strengthening internal controls, security, and oversight

What happens if a requisition is not entered for one of these goods/services?

The auxiliary will not provide the good/services until a valid PO/line is provided, as without the PO they have no ability to guarantee payment for the goods/services rendered. Additionally, the requisition qualifies as an internal confirming order, which will be tracked by the Controller’s Office.

What is different for internal requisitions vs. requisitions from external vendors?

Sponsored Research Approval will be required for all requisitions affecting sponsored projects, regardless of amount(external requisitions only require approval if the total amount is greater than $1,000). Note the following:

  • It will be more typical for “blanket” type purchase orders (open-ended PO’s) to be created for the entire years’ worth of purchases
  • AUX vendors must be selected
  • AUX category codes must be selected
  • EA must be used as the unit of measure

Who should I contact with questions about internal requisitions and PO's?

What is the workflow for internal requisitions?

It is the same as for external requisitions, except for that Sponsored Research approval is required for all internal requisitions, regardless of amount (external requisitions only require SRA approval when the amount is greater than $1,000)

Are receipts (receiving on PO Lines) required for internal PO's?

Vouchers will be created and encumbrances liquidated without receipts for internal POs.

Can I split the PO across different department/fund/expense account combinations?

  1. Projects must be on individual PO's
  2. Other department Id/fund/chartfield combinations are permitted

How do I enter a change order, or close an internal requisition?

Please fill out the Internal Change Order Form. For internal vendors, please send your Change Order Form to (if your vendor starts with “AUX”, it is an internal vendor). For external vendors, submit your change order request through SpearMart.


Internal Billing & Invoices

How do I receive a copy of an internal invoice? Who receives internal invoices?

Departmental Budget Account Managers will receive invoices via email when the billing process is run. No action is required by the department when the invoice is received; it is for informational purposes only. Payment will be handled systematically. Departments should not initiate payments of any kind for internal purchases generated by the OMNI AR/ Billing System.

  • To determine your departments Budget Manager, you can run the query "FSU_DPT_DDDH_BUD_MGR" in OMNI.
  • For a copy of the invoice, please navigate to OMNI Financials > Billing > Review Billing Information > Details.
  • Enter business unit = AUX01 and the invoice number/ customer number
    1. Change "Bill Status" to "Invoiced Bill"
    2. Select "Search"
    3. Select "View Invoice Image" link and a pdf will appear. Ensure popup blocker is disabled
  • A detailed, step-by-step visualization of this process is located within the "Understanding Auxiliary AR/ Billing Charges" tutorial on the Auxiliary AR/ Billings Training page.

Can more than one individual receive an invoice?

At this time, only the Budget Account Manager will be able to automatically receive an invoice. If additional individuals need to receive the invoice, the Budget Account Manager will need to forward the invoice to the appropriate personnel (using Outlook rules can be helpful). Alternatively, any individual with access to OMNI Financials can view the invoice as described in the "Understanding Auxiliary AR/ Billing Charges" tutorial on the Auxiliary AR/ Billings Training page.

What if my budget account manager changes? How do I update who receives invoices?

This will be updated systematically with no action required by the department.

When will invoices be sent?

When the billing process is run (usually around the 5th business day prior to the end of the month).

How do I reconcile charges generated through the internal billing system?

Use a copy of your invoice and/or a query such as "FSU_DPT_VCHR_WITH_PYMT_JRNL" that indicates charge date, amount, description, vendor, total, and any other relevant charge information. Your departmental Budget Account Manager may have a specific, more detailed request for backup.

Reconcile as usual (verify that the charge date, amount, description, lines, total, and vendor is as expected by comparing against the order and/or other origination/source data)


For detailed information, please review information as described in the "Understanding Auxiliary AR/ Billing Charges" tutorial on the Auxiliary AR/ Billings Training page.

When will my department be charged for transactions generated in OMNI’s billing system?

While this varies by selling auxiliary, at this time charges are processed via a month-end billing process. Invoices are generated, and within 1 business day, charges will be paid, cash transferred from buying department to selling department, and the encumbrance reduced by the charge amount.

What if I notice an error on my invoice? How do I resolve erroneous charges?

If the error is due to a mistake on the selling department’s part, the selling department will correct (credit and rebill using the correct PO/line).

If the error is due to providing an incorrect or no-longer-valid PO, the buying department will need to correct via the General Accounting Departmental Online Journal Entry Form.

Please contact your billing specialist (as listed on the invoice) or email

Do departments need to submit payments when they receive an internal invoice?

No. These payments are handled systematically. No action is needed on the department’s part to initiate the internal payment.

Can I use my Pcard to pay my bill?

No, this is generated automatically for internal bills. University Purchasing Cards cannot be used to pay an internal bill.

How can I tell if a charge is generated from the internal billing process?

There are multiple ways to view this information. One way to know is that the vendor/supplier will always begin with the prefix “AUX.”, and voucher origin is “AUX.”. You may also use the training materials located here.


AR & Billing Accounting Basics

What is the Auxiliary AR and Billing SETID?


What is the Auxiliary AR and Billing Business Unit?


What information is stored under the Auxiliary Contracts, AR and Billing Business Unit, AUX01?

Information including:

  • Auxiliary Customers
  • Auxiliary Billing
  • Auxiliary Accounts Receivable
  • Auxiliary Contracts
  • Auxiliary Contracts, AR and Billing