Travel Requests are required for all travel. Travel Requests should be completed before travel occurs and they are intended to be estimates. The Travel Request encumbers funds, checks for available balance, and obtains default approver (supervisor) authorization for travel. Travel Requests do not reimburse expenses, please refer to our Expense page for more information on expenses and reimbursements. Travel submitted after the fact may be subject to unexpected delays in approval until proper authorization is received from the department.

For purposes of adhering to Export Control guidelines, international travel on sponsored research projects must be authorized before departure. Travelers will be contacted by the Export Control Office to ensure the proper paperwork is completed prior to travel.

Users may complete blanket Travel Requests when there are multiple similar trips over a period of time. Up to three months of trips may be encumbered on a single request. Common scenarios include monthly mileage reimbursements, guest speaker series, and repeated trips to a destination for collaboration/field research.

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