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Controller's Office

Frequently Asked Questions - Accounts Payable

ePayables Questions


1. Is this a requirement? Will it affect our Vendor-Client relationship if we decline?

2. Are there any fees associated with this method of payment?

3. Is the Client willing to absorb the fees?

4. Is it safe to keep the card number on file?

5. Our company policy does not allow us to keep a credit card number on file.

6. Will the net terms change? How soon will we get paid?

7. How does this affect our invoicing? What about credits and short-pays?

8. What is the client account number or billing address?

9. What about past-due/outstanding invoices?

10. Our company requires a signed Card Authorization Form for every credit card transaction; can the Client fax this information along with the remittance?



1. Why does the University require potential vendors to complete the Vendor Authentication Form?

2. How long does this process take?

3. Will departments receive notification when a new vendor is approved in the OMNI Financial System?

4. Where is the Vendor Authentication Form Available?

2. How long does this process take?

5. How should vendors submit the form?

6. What should be done if a vendor has an address change or a change to their remit-to address?

7. What should be done if a department needs a vendor reactivated in the vendor file?

8. Is the process the same for an individual who is not a US citizen or a permanent US resident?

9. What is the process for a foreign vendor?

ePRF Questions


1. What is ePRF?

2. Are there any new training materials that can help me with ePRF?

3. How do departments become set up for ePRF?

4. When should departments begin the process of setting up ePRF?

5. Is it necessary to designate Level 2 Approvers?

6. Why does a department need to list a minimum of two approvers for Level 1 Approvers??

7. If Level Two approvers are optional, do we still have to list two approvers?

8. What should our department do if both designated approvers are out of the office for the day- and approval is needed ASAP?

Employee Cash Advance Questions


1. Do cash advances encumber on a budget?

2. Can I turn in unused gift cards I purchased on a cash advance?

3. What types of payments does the university accept to close out employee advances?

4. What account code do I use when I return unspent funds to the Controller’s Office?

5. What account code do I use when turning in receipts for a cash advance?

6. What if I don’t have enough time to request a cash advance for my human subject incentive payments?

7. How do I determine how much cash I need to request?

8. Can I request an extension on my cash advance?

9. How often should I turn in receipts for my cash advance?

10. What does it mean to partially replenish/close a cash advance?

11. Can a cash advance check be made payable to a supplier? ( example Target, Walmart )

12. Can a cash advance be mailed?

13. What if I have a current cash advance that was not processed through the ePRF system?

PAY Cycles/Check Related Questions

1. When and where can AP checks be picked up? Can I send a runner?

2. Where is the Stop Payment Request form located?

3. What is the difference between a payment cancellation and a reissue?