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Frequently Asked Questions - Treasury

Cash Management

The following questions are related to cash management.



1. Does our department need to apply to be authorized as a cash collection point?

2. What is a “draft capture system” for approvals?

3. How can our department receive a copy of the dishonored check list?

4. How can our department obtain an endorsement stamp?

5. Can our department use a generic receipt book?

6. Is it necessary that our employees have a police background check?

7. How many employees does our department need in the cash handling process?

8. What information should we be recording in our department's check log?

9. Does our department need to use a secured bag when making deposits?

10. Our department plans to make deposits directly to the bank, how do we go about obtaining armored car service?

11. Are there additional requirements if our department plans to accept credit cards?

Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

The UBIT FAQ is located on the Tax FAQ page.