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Controller's Office

Unencumbered Payments


Supplier Profile Setup

Businesses and individuals that will be paid with a purchase order will need to be set up through Procurement Services' Forms page (located under the "supplier" section).


Businesses and individuals that will not be paid with a purchase order will still need to be added to FSU's Supplier Profile.  Please complete the following forms as required, and please remember that handwritten forms will not be accepted:

Vendor Authentication Form (Businesses)

Vendor Authentication Form (Individuals)


Direct deposit is the fastest, and most efficient form of payment.  To enroll, please fill out the Vendor Direct Deposit form and then either mail or fax the completed form using the contact information listed at the top of the form (please note that emailing these forms is highly discouraged for security reasons).  Also, please remember that handwritten forms will not be accepted.
Direct Deposit Form

If requesting a payment for an individual, please use the People Payments Procedure Review to assist you.


Supplier Profile Contacts

The most efficient way to get into touch with the AP Vendor team is to email your question to the group email account below:

Please remember that completed vendor forms should never be emailed to anyone (for security reasons); such forms should only be faxed or mailed.


Ben Bennett | Ph: 850-644-1672 | Email:
Supplier Profile Maintainence

Lauren Barrett | Ph: 850-645-8611 |
Supplier File Manager


Frequently Asked Questions- Supplier Authentication (non-purchase order vendors)



Allowable Unencumbered Disbursements


Accounts Payable only allows certain items to be processed as an unencumbered payment.  Some payments require additional documentation for our records.  The Allowable Unencumbered Disbursements form is a list of the most common acceptable unencumbered payments.  Other forms associated with certain unencumbered payment requests are:

Certification of Payment with Public Funds

University Membership Justification

Payment Request-  Foreign Supplier



Departmental Refunds


It may be necessary for departments to refund vendors or individuals for non-tuition payments received.  These are normally one-time only refunds and do not require a Supplier ID number.  If recurring refunds are anticipated, supplier should be set up in the OMNI Supplier File.

Departmental Refund Request form



Payment Request Options


Spreadsheet Upload

Spreadsheet Upload allows departments the ability to pay similar multiple suppliers at once that don’t require an invoice (i.e. research participants, stipends, rent).

Departments can request that multiple supplier payments be processed via Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  It requires one Payment Request Form be completed per spreadsheet.  Approved PRF and Excel files should be sent as attachments to


Payment Request Form

Spreadsheet Upload Template



ePRF is the Electronic Payment Request process in OMNI for allowable unencumbered payments. It replaces the paper Payment Request Form, except for wires.  The ePRF requires that information is attached to each request and is then routed to all required approvers.


ePRF Startup Guide

ePRF Video Tutorials

Frequently Asked Question- ePRF

How to Create an ePRF for Closed POs



Payments to Honorarium recipients can be paid unencumbered with an electronic Payment Request form (ePRF); a purchase order is not necessary. Honorarium recipients must first be set up as a supplier in OMNI in order to receive a payment. 

An honorarium is defined as a gratuitous payment of money to an individual for his or her participation in an activity for which no fee is legally required, and when no contractual obligation exists, such as lecturing, teaching, and sharing knowledge. (If the intended recipient elects not to participate, he or she is free to withdraw from participation at any time, without notice to FSU, and the University will be without recourse of any kind).

It is, in essence, a “thank you gift” from FSU. If the fee is prescribed by the individual or if it is negotiated, an honorarium situation does not exist, rather a contract for services exists.  Honoraria are considered taxable compensation to recipients, thus the individual’s social security number or tax ID number is required.  If a department combines an amount intended to reimburse travel and business with an honorarium fee, the individual should be informed that the entire payment would be reported as taxable compensation. Travel and expense reimbursements processed by the Travel Office are paid under IRS accountable plan rules and are not considered taxable compensation to recipients

Individuals eligible to receive honoraria are those who are recognized authorities or experts in the field of endeavor that is the subject matter of the Honorarium Related Event.

To be eligible to pay an Honorarium through Accounts Payable the following conditions must apply:

  • The recipient is not a current or recent1 (employed within the last 12 months) FSU employee
  • The individual is U.S. citizen or resident alien2.
  • Payment is not legally required and may not be used in lieu of a consulting agreement
  • The amount to be paid is a token amount only
  • If on a project, the honoraria must be allowable per FSU and grant guidelines


To process an honorarium for payment, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Set up the recipient as a supplier in OMNI. 
  2. Complete the Honorarium Certification Statement form once the supplier ID has been created in OMNI
  3. Prepare an electronic Payment Request form (ePRF) and attach the certification statement and any other backup documentation you may have
  4. If the Honoraria is less than $1,000 and is on a project or grant, then the ePRF must be manually routed to Sponsored Research Accounting for approval.

1 This requirement may only be waived with written Approval from the University’s Tax Administrator.
2 If Paying an Honorarium to a non-U.S. citizen/non-resident alien working in the U.S. – Contact Payroll Services directly.



Employee Cash Advance Requests

Employee Cash Advances, for non-travel purposes, are typically used for petty cash, change funds and human subject incentive payments.  Employee Cash Advances can only be requested by permanent employees (OPS students and graduate students are unable to request Employee Cash Advances). 


Employee Cash Advance Procedures

Employee Cash Advance Open Job Aid

Employee Cash Advance Close Job Aid

Employee Cash Advance Partial Close Job Aid

Employee Cash Advance Reduce and Partially Close Job Aid

Employee Cash Advance Replenish Job Aid

Employee Cash Advance - When a Check Needs to go to a Vendor

Adding Sponsored Research Into Workflow

Employee Cash Advance Custodian Setup Form

Permanent Employee Cash Advance Request Form

Temporary Employee Cash Advance Request Form

Employee Cash Advance Human Study Log



Wire/Foreign Supplier Payments

Foreign Entity Defined:

An entity is considered foreign if it is created or organized outside the United States. This includes entities that may have operations in the United States, but the parent company is organized outside the United States. Depending on the type of payment, all payments made to or on behalf of a foreign entity are generally subject to income tax withholding unless specifically exempted either by U.S. tax law or an income tax treaty. Generally, payments not exempt from withholding are subject to 30% federal income tax withholding, in accordance with IRS regulations. 

If the business is a foreign entity, they should not fill out the Vendor Authentication Form. Instead, they should refer to the IRS instructions and forms for foreign businesses found on the IRS website.

Consider the following, when choosing the proper W-8 form to use:

  • Form W-8BEN (use if other W-8 forms are not applicable)
  • Form W-8ECI – Applicable if the foreign entity has a trade or business in the United States
  • Form W-8IMY – Applicable if foreign entity acts in the capacity of a custodian, broker, nominee or any other person that acts as an agent for another person
  • Form W-8EXP – Applicable primarily when the foreign entity is a foreign government, foreign bank, foreign tax-exempt organization or foreign foundation

After completion of the required W-8 form: 

  • For Non-P.O. Suppliers- Have the supplier fax (850-644-8137) or mail the completed/signed applicable W-8 form to Disbursement Services at 5607 University Center A, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2391.
  • For P.O. Supplier - Have the vendor mail the original signed applicable W-8 form to Procurement Services at A1400 University Center, Tallahassee, FL 32306.

Note: The Supplier Relations team will check all the necessary resources to ensure no federal or state restrictions exist on the foreign entity before we enter them in to the University's supplier file.

What do I do if a foreign entity objects to FSU’s terms and conditions?

If a foreign business takes exception to any of the University’s Purchase Order terms and conditions, once a PO has been issued to them, they should immediately contact Procurement Services and relay the particular term(s) and condition(s) that they take exception to so that we can determine whether it is something the University would be willing to either waive, change or not agree to. The same goes for any U.S. Business or individual that receives a purchase order from Florida State University.

For any further questions regarding Foreign Vendors, please contact the appropriate department listed below:

  • Foreign P.O. Suppliers- Contact Procurement Services at 850-644-6850
  • Foreign Non- P.O. Suppliers- Contact Disbursement Services at 850-644-5021
  • Non-Resident Aliens - Contact Payroll Services at 850-645-7261



Non-Travel Expense Reimbursements

On occasion, it may be necessary for employees to make purchases for the University using their personal funds.  They may be reimbursed by submitting a Non-Travel Expense Report in OMNI.  All reimbursements must have receipts attached prior to being sent to Accounts Payable for approval.    Approval is based on Florida State University's Expenditure Guidelines. 


Reimbursement Justification Form  Required for reimbursements $25 or more. 

Membership Justification Form



If you have any questions related to the use of P-Cards, please contact Procurement Services for more information.



Unencumbered Processing Contacts

Kristina Roumelis| Ph 850-645-7181 |
ePRF Approvals, Non-Travel Reimbursements, Departmental Refunds

Sheila Washington | Ph 850-645-7180 |
Wire/ Foreign Supplier Payments

Joy Tilley | Ph 850-644-9785 |
Spreadsheet Upload